What to Expect During Your Assessment

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation

What to expect for your evaluation depends on your unique situation. The Achievement Advantage team will walk you through what to expect when you initially schedule your appointment, and we will be there to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Typically, we start with a short phone call where you can describe your concerns and we can make recommendations on how to move forward. A comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation typically includes an hour-long intake interview with the parent and/or client, two assessment sessions with the client, and an hour-long feedback session with the parent and/or client. The testing sessions can vary in length depending on the assessment battery being used, but typically lasts several hours. Feedback sessions take place after the report has been written, usually around 3 weeks since the last assessment has been completed.

Orton-Gillingham Assessment

Testing for the Orton-Gillingham Assessments generally occurs during one assessment session lasting several hours. This type of assessment also includes an hour-long feedback session with the parent and/or client.

Customized Assessment

If you are receiving a customized assessment, our team will let you know what steps you might expect depending on the type of assessment you need.

Preparing for the Evaluation

It is important that you or your child come for your evaluation feeling your best. This means that you should get a good night sleep, eat, and take your medications as you regularly would. You are welcome to bring a snack and drink with you to have during your break.

If you are preparing your child for an evaluation, it is usually best to keep your explanation as simple as possible. Let them know that they will be doing a variety of activities like completing puzzles, answering questions, and doing academic tasks. It is important to emphasize that they are not being “graded” on what they do. Instead we are learning more about how they think to help them do the best in school, so it’s important to give their best effort.

If you have not already returned your completed paperwork to Achievement Advantage Assessment & Services prior to your first visit, please make sure to bring it with you.