Orton-Gillingham (OG) Assessment

What is an Orton-Gillingham Assessment?

An Orton-Gillingham assessment examines clients’ skills and knowledge related to structured literacy programs, such as the Wilson Reading System. This type of evaluation includes assessment of sound-knowledge, mastery of common letter patterns, and reading and spelling of different syllable types, in addition to concepts commonly found in structured literacy programs. An Orton-Gillingham assessment provides teams in-depth information for intervention planning.

Who Might Need an OG Assessment?

If your child is receiving structured literacy as an academic intervention, or your team is considering implementing this type of intervention, you may benefit from having an OG assessment. This type of assessment looks at both skills and concept knowledge commonly included in structured literacy interventions and will provide your school team with information about areas that need most intensive instruction.

What Will the Assessment Look Like?

An OG assessment includes an evaluation of skills and concept knowledge related to structured literacy programs including:

  • Sound-Symbol Knowledge

  • Decoding (Reading Regular Words)

  • Encoding (Spelling Regular Words)

  • Reading Sight Words

  • Spelling Sight Words

  • Analysis of Structured Literacy Concept Knowledge

Once you’ve completed your final testing session and all associated paperwork has been returned, the feedback session will be schedules approximately two weeks from that point. During that time, the assessments are scored, data is compiled, and a through report is written. You will receive a draft copy of the report during the feedback session. Any changes that need to be made or any additional information that needs to be added will be done so at that time.