Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)

What is an IEE?

At times, you may disagree with how your school district has conducted your child’s evaluation or the outcome of the assessment. If this is the case, you have the right to request an IEE from your school district. Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) are evaluations conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the school district responsible for your child’s education. They are paid for at public expense. As former school-based professionals, we have a deep understanding of how frustrating and lengthy this process can become. Due to our extensive experience in the schools, we are uniquely positioned to support parents through this process to gain access to appropriate services at school.

Who Might Need an IEE?

If you have already gone through the special education evaluation process (ETR), and disagree with your child’s evaluation, you may need to request an IEE from your school district. Once you have requested the IEE from your district and they have agreed to encumber the cost of the evaluation, we are able to conduct appropriate assessment based on your concerns. Once the IEE report has been written, it will be provided to you and the district to consider with your school’s evaluation team.

What Will the Assessment Look Like?

We will review your child’s ETR to ensure that we are providing appropriate assessment during the IEE process. IEEs can vary greatly depending on your concerns with the previous evaluation. They may include any of the assessments that would normally be part of a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation, including:

  • Record Review

  • Interviews with the parent and child or client

  • Classroom Observations

  • Cognitive Ability Assessments (IQ)

  • Academic Achievement Assessment

    • Basic Reading Skills

    • Reading Fluency

    • Reading Comprehension

    • Math Calculation

    • Math Problem Solving

    • Spelling

    • Written Expression

    • Phonological Awareness

    • Rapid Automatic Naming

    • Oral Language Skills

  • Social/Emotional Assessments

    • Inattention

    • Impulsivity

    • Executive Functioning

    • Mental Health (Related to Learning)

    • Social Skills (Related to Learning)

Once you’ve completed your final testing session and all associated paperwork has been returned, the feedback session will be scheduled approximately three weeks from that point. During that time, the assessments are scored, data is compiled, and a through report is written. You will receive a draft copy of the report during the feedback session. Any changes that need to be made or any additional information that needs to be added will be done so at that time. The school district may or may not invite the independent evaluator to the school team’s meeting; however, that doesn’t preclude the evaluator from attending. Should the district invite the evaluator, that will be included in the cost of the IEE. If the evaluator is invited by the family, the cost would be billed directly to the parent.

According to the Ohio Department of Education’s Special Education Model Policies and Procedures, if a parent obtains an independent educational evaluation at public expense or shares with the District an evaluation obtained at private expense, the District considers that evaluation, if it meets District criteria, in any decision made with respect to the provision of FAPE to the child.