Post-Secondary Private Evaluation

What is a Post-Secondary Evaluation?

A Post-Secondary Private Evaluation may vary depending on a client’s individual situation. At times, students may need a full evaluation in order to access accommodations in the post-secondary setting. This may be especially true if you haven’t previously been evaluated or if you are taking graduate level assessments, such as the MCAT, that have specific requirements about documentation. Students who have a been assessed throughout their K-12 career may simply need updated academic assessments in order to access accommodations. You should contact your accessibility office or testing organization to find out their requirements.

Who Might Need a Post-Secondary Evaluation?

If you suspect that you have a disability that warrants accommodations, but have never been assessed in the past, you will likely need an evaluation to document your disability. Additionally, if you have been diagnosed in the past, you may need updated assessment to show the continued presence of a disability. You should contact your accessibility office or testing organization to find out if they have any specific requirements.

What Will the Assessment Look Like?

A post-secondary evaluation will vary depending on your needs. It may include any of the assessments that would normally be part of a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation, including:

  • Interviews with the client

  • Classroom Observations

  • Cognitive Ability Assessments (IQ)

  • Academic Achievement Assessment

    • Basic Reading Skills

    • Reading Fluency

    • Reading Comprehension

    • Math Calculation

    • Math Problem Solving

    • Spelling

    • Written Expression

    • Phonological Awareness

    • Rapid Automatic Naming

    • Oral Language Skills

  • Social/Emotional Assessments

    • Inattention

    • Impulsivity

    • Executive Functioning

    • Mental Health (Related to Learning)

    • Social Skills (Related to Learning)

Once you’ve completed your final testing session and all associated paperwork has been returned, the feedback session will be scheduled approximately three weeks from that point. During that time, the assessments are scored, data is compiled, and a through report is written. You will receive a draft copy of the report during the feedback session. Any changes that need to be made or any additional information that needs to be added will be done so at that time.